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“Toppers, Wiglets, Toupee, Fall, Partial Wigs”

Did you know 1-3 women experience some sort of hair loss in their life?  This hair loss is starting younger than previously seen.  Factors may include: stress levels in today’s society, our declining environment, medications, lacking certain vitamins, hormonal changes, heredity...  We are losing hair earlier and faster than ever!  Human Hair Extensions can be a short term answer, until the hair loss is on the TOP OF THE HEAD.  Leading me to today’s world of toppers.  Most people call these top of the head hairpieces “Toppers, Wiglets, Toupee, Fall, Partial Wig” Whatever you call it these, Toppers are taking the alternative hair industry by storm.  At Creative Hair Design rest assured we have done the research and offer the best selection!  We feature dozens of sizes in Synthetic, Heat Fibers and Human Hair Toppers.   A wig isn’t always your only answer for your hair loss needs.  Stop in to our Roseville or Hastings locations for a free Topper fitting.  We will find the perfect solution customized for you!  Cheers - Alissa  

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