Hastings Reviews...

| JUNE 2019 |

"I had the pleasure of working with Sara last Saturday and it was the best experience ever! This boutique is an amazing place that takes a very sensitive and emotional issue seriously to make sure you feel comfortable. I was treated like a movie star and walked out of there looking like one too. I was able to purchase two pieces that help fill in hair that cancer and thyroid issues have taken from me and I absolutely cannot wait to return for another. I just couldn't believe how secure or natural they looked. This store is a must stop shop!" 

| MAY 2018 |

"I had a very unusual circumstance that my daughter and I did not know how to handle, so I hit the old google box and started looking up places where we could purchase a wig for my daughter. I sifted through half a dozen before I came across Creative Hair Design and their reviews were stellar and often replied to by the owner Alissa. There were also more than enough pictures to showcase that this wasn't just a salon with a few wigs in it. It truly was a boutique that specialized in wigs across the entire spectrum of affordability. I called and left a message on their voicemail with my number. The next day I was called back by Krissie and I explained my situation in detail. She told me I was best handled by the owner Alissa and she booked me an appointment right away with her. When we met her the next day, she was immediately the sweetest and kindest person in customer service I have had the pleasure of doing business with all year so far. She had such a calming demeanor that my daughter was at ease right away and Alissa went to work on her. I've worked with many vanities in my life and never seen someone work so well with a client in such a sensitive state. She showed us the ins and outs of every style of wig and did not settle on anything until my kid was completely satisfied, always paying attention to my finances while giving the best she had to offer in the price range. We finally found one that she was most happy with and were set up with all the correct tools and methods and an even greater and kinder form of customer service that you can only get from small business owners. This is the kind of store and business that makes the kind of difference in people's lives that makes their lives worth living. People like Alissa are 1 in a billion and I cannot recommend this business enough. To her we were just another customer that she did good. To us, she is an angel who made our lives incredibly happy. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who could make use of her services. Plus her shop was full of local MN stuff that was made by local artists and artisans."


| JANUARY 2018 |

"Exceptional service. Wonderful selection. Knowledgeable staff. I am so pleased with my experience with Creative Hair Design (CHD). Have been buying my extensions there for years. The quality is incredible and the price is fair. The employees are always super helpful and spend time with you one-on-one to assure you leave with the best hair of your life. Absolutely delighted about my experience. 10/10 would recommend."

| SEPTEMBER 2017 |


"I love to change my looks but don't want to commit to a new hair style. Creative Hair Design has helped me pick the perfect colors to match my natural hair color. When I wear my pieces (bangs, toppers, extensions, wig, clip-ins), no one can believe it isn't my hair. Alissa is amazing at what she does and knows her stuff. I was a little intimidated at first to walk into a wig store but once you go in, the team makes it a really fun experience. They make you look good in everything you try on. The bad part is you want to buy everything. I've been to both locations and they are great! The Hastings location has a lot more gift items that are similar to what you would find in a Patina store."

| AUGUST 2017 |

"We decided to give this place a try today and couldn't have been more impressed! Very cute boutique with lots of wig options, hats and other cute decor. The woman who worked there was very nice and helped trim an old wig into something my mom loved again along with finding her a new wig as well. This will definitely be our go to place for wigs from now on!"

| JUNE 2017 |

"Sara made it a great girls afternoon out. There were 2 of us and she was totally engaged and patient as we tried on wigs and hairpieces - one right after the other." 

"Wonderful place and super help!" 

| MAY 2017 |


"I had a wonderful experience at CHD in Hastings. They were so helpful and patient with me during my wig selection appointment." 

| OCTOBER 2016 |


"Everyone was great. Wonderful experience. I’ll definitely be back." 


"It was lots of fun to try on all the different wigs. Thank you for your patience as I worked my way to my final choice." 

"Beautiful street side window decorating is noticeable and very inviting. Nice store. Will be sure to return for more visits. Thanks!" 


"My experience was great! Everyone thinks it’s my hair. So now I wear it everyday!" 

| SEPTEMBER 2016 |


"Very cute products! Wide variety of items." 


"Fun Shop. Hope to see you next summer!" 


Roseville Reviews...

| September 2020 |

"I just want to say that Creative Hair Design is a great place. Alissa truly wants you to be happy with your purchase when it's all said and done. I'm very impressed with what she did for me. And Brian did a fantastic job at blending my topper with my bio hair you can't tell where the topper starts or ends, fantastic job Brian.Thank you Alissa you really know how to treat and take care of your customers. I will definitely use your services again if needed."


"I'm a first time chemo patient and lost all my hair right on schedule. I went in for a consultation prior to the dreaded day and Alissa could not have been more compassionate and helpful. She listened, advised, and patiently answered all my questions. There was no rush - nor any pressure to buy. She was kind enough to place an order for a style I liked in a couple colors so I could make the right choice. I met with Brian to pick up my wig and thoroughly enjoyed the fun way he instructed me on care and styling. I highly recommend Creative Hair Designs. Lots of choices for everyone's needs; lots of accessories. You will not be disappointed!"

"I had a wonderful experience here. Alissa helped me with a consultation to learn about wigs and try some things on. She was very nice and I didn't feel pressured to buy anything. I came back later and worked with Brian to purchase a piece. Great selection and great environment!"

August 2020

"We had a fabulous experience. I came in with my mom who is going through cancer treatment and wanted to get a wig. The care and attention to detail she received was wonderful. I would highly recommend Creative Hair Design to anyone interested in wigs, hair pieces or extensions."

February 2019


"I went to the Roseville store on recommendation from a very wonderful family member. I bought a full wig and then recently a topper. The staff are very professional and understanding. I brought my wig in for a trim by Brian. So helpful and really listened to what I had to say. I have to say I was a bit nervous to have it cut, because they don't grow back. Brian also gave me a tip for the crown of the wig, it stretched out s bit so he showed me how to sew it to tighten it, then he did it for me. This is a wig store but so much more. I will continue to shop at Creative Hair Design I've already picked out my next wig."   

March 2019


"I have not personally been there but my aunt goes here and asked me to write a review. "Creative hair design is fantastic, I went to pick up an order and Brian helped me try it on. He showed me future styles I could pull off, and he gave me a tour of the store. I would definitely recommend creative hair to anyone that is looking for fun or necessity. I will be a forever client."


"We had a fabulous experience here! It is such a clean and well designed store; you walk in and there is an instant, positive vibe. My grandma tried on two wigs and found one she loved right away. This was all thanks to the wonderful employees listening to her desires and bringing wigs that were a great fit for her. It is also evident that the employees are accustomed to working with chemo patients and so it made for a very comfortable and at ease environment. We would highly recommend this store to anyone!"

January 2019

"I discovered this store about 2 months ago and I'm thrilled! The selection of wigs, extensions and toppers is amazing. The store takes the guess work out of figuring out what product and color best met my needs. Robin and Brian have been so very helpful and professional - going the extra mile to help me figure out the best solutions. Brian has trimmed each of my pieces and they have turned out exactly as I wanted. They are both friendly and so easy to work with. I'm so glad a service like this exists! Thank you!"

November 2018

"This store is so Amazing! Adrienne is 99.9% why!!! Every time I come in there she is excited to have me and is in no rush at all. She understands what we feel like sitting in that chair and that makes all the difference. She has fun with her job! I will not see anyone else, I love her that much! THANK YOU ADRIENNE! Keep making a difference!"

October 2018

"Very clean, welcoming store. The staff is knowledge and very helpful. When I need a wig , I come up to MN from FL."

August 2018

"Best decision I ever made was to purchase a topper. CHD has so much to choose from and they were extremely kind and helpful. I will return!!!"

July 2018

"I did not buy, but was with a friend who was buying for herself. Brian was amazing and took such good care of us! he is very knowledgeable and friendly. Customers for life!"

"We love Creative Hair Design!! They are all so helpful and really make my daughter feel special and beautiful when we go there! We can't thank them enough for all they do!"

June 2018

"This wig shop is absolutely adorable. Have been purchasing my extensions here for a few years now and will continue to do so, happily. The staff there are amazing. So kind and knowledgeable. They always give you one-on-one time to find the perfect hair-look. They can even trim and wash your wig/extensions there. I am so thrilled with my experience! 10/10 would recommend."

November 2017

"I had Weight Loss Surgery and lost 80% of my hair due to the lack of protein.  I wanted to feel beautiful again, so I found Creative Hair Design at Roseville Mall. The selection of styles and colors is fantastic and the staff is super friendly and helpful.  I have purchased human hair extensions, synthetic wigs, clip-in pony tails, wrap pony tails, secret toppers and medium sized super secret toppers.  I wear them all.  I've even taken my wigs to Brian to have him cut the wig into a new style.  I highly recommend this place.  If you want to feel confident and beautiful again...run to Creative Hair Design and try on some looks!"

October 2017


"Our Mom's arthritis and fractures in her back has limited her ability to do her hair.  My sister and I had a stylist who would go to her apartment to do her hair, but after only a few days, of course, it was back to straight and flat hair.  My Mom loves volume in her hair.  I googled some wig places and came upon Creative Hair Design.  What drew me to this site were the reviews.  Well, we went there yesterday and the stars hold true!  We met up with Adrian.  Mom was apprehensive as her perception of people with wigs was more like Marge from Simpsons.  So she went with somewhat of an open mind.  Adrian had her sit in the mirror and simply had a conversation with Mom first about color, style and cuts she liked.  Adrian went to her magic wall of wigs and Mom tried on about 3 to 4..but the first one was it!  Adrian nailed it on the first wig - color, cut and style.  The next trick was after Mom loving it, was seeing if she could get the wig on by herself.  Adrian surprised us by taking off her wig..which we had no idea she was wearing one! and gave Mom a tutorial.  Mom got her own wig and wall-ah..a new Mom with confidence and smiles for her new hair.  Brian came in and gave the bangs a little trim with a "sorry they won't grow back" joke and all was well.  It just could not have been more pleasant.  Very caring service.  I so recommend you go see Creative Hair Design.  You won't regret it!  My Mom was just thrilled and kept texting me how grateful she was that we checked it out.  She has WAY more confidence and we hope she'll get out more now!!  She looks so cute with her new hair..and younger..and smiling more!!  Thanks Creative Hair Design!!"

May 2017



I am in an extremely stressful situation in my life and was suffering hair loss that will get progressively worse from CTE.

The staff explained my best option for coverage while using my existing hair. The girls matched the color perfectly to my existing  biological hair. Their Hair Stylist Brian, who is super cute, cut  my topper to fill in my current hair style perfectly. 

Just would like to add, i have two hairstylist friends, Corrie and Monica,  who know my hair. They where clueless anything was done until i told them. Because I did a very good job of "blowing out" my bio hair to add body, that in reality was no longer there. 
So a topper the staff suggest added actually body, to the smoke and mirror game i was using to hide my hair loss. Ladies, if your nervous about finding options to cover your hair loss, this is the place! They know exactly what we our going threw and can provide us options."




"I would highly recommend Creative Hair Design I have purchased 3 wigs in the past 2 months.  The staff are very knowledgeable, and the service is exceptional!!  I have received many compliments on my new look!!  Creative Hair Design Staff I trust your knowledge and exceptional service when selecting a new hairstyle.  You make it easy fun stress-free and enjoyable!!  Also, thank you for all the great tips you provide with all my purchases!  Thank you again for helping in a very difficult time in my life!!"

MAY 2016

"I work for a cancer clinic in Burnsville, MN.  Recently one of our patients came to you and purchased a beautiful wig. She was very impressed with your staff.  I'm wondering if I could get brochures for our facility?  We are always looking for places where our patients can find compassionate staff and beautiful hair pieces, wigs.  Have a wonderful day."

APRIL 2016


"I stopped in to the store on Monday and spoke at length with your sales associate.  I was in need for a specific wig for Cosplay.  She was wonderfully helpful and had several options for me.  Thank you for your exceptional service."

JUNE 2016


"The service, knowledge and expertise was wonderful!!   I cannot begin to tell you what I have gone through...and how I felt walking into the store versus walking out...I felt like a brand-new woman walking out!!"



"I purchased a wig about 3 weeks ago from you. Your service was phenomenal.  I greatly appreciate it."


"Thanks so much Creative Hair Design.  My new Tilly wig fooled the lady at Sephora as I was trying on new lipstick colors!  Although I didn't find a new lip color that suited me, I sure found a new wig to help me as I try to grow out my hair after a horrible haircut!  I love wigs & will definitely be back for the Misty wig!"


To: Our Hair Angels

From: Two Grateful Women

"We appreciate you both"

MAY 2015


"Creative Hair Design Friends,  Thank you so much for helping me this morning! I'm excited about getting a new style in the color I love. See you next week!"

JULY 2014

"I was in your store about 2 months ago.  I wanted to say it was at first the last place I ever wanted to visit!!  Who wants to admit they need a wig??  I sure did not, but I know I needed to.  My hair betrayed me and decided to leave me :( I checked around online and came across your website and it has great reviews so I called my girlfriend and demanded she come with me! (And I had to bribe her with caribou coffee) it was a great time.  The ladies could have not helped enough.  The patience they had with me was awesome.  The lady who helped me said she has not laughed so much with a customer before and I was grateful with the time she spent with helping me find the right one.  It took a while to get comfortable wearing it, and it takes time to play with a style, but I’m getting it. (Wish I paid more attention to mom when she wanted to teach me girly things!!)  Thank you again!  I will be back in the future."

APRIL 2014

"I was in your store on Saturday and I just want to thank Adrienne for helping me.  It's not easy for a guy to ask questions about wigs, but she was very friendly and helpful.  I don't live in the area but my daughter goes to school in Minneapolis, so I visit a few times a year.  I hope to come back soon to make a purchase."


"I walked into the store not knowing what I wanted.  The sales team helped me try on several hairpieces and found the perfect color match to my hair.  They cut it on the spot, and I walked out wearing my new look. I received so many compliments - wow - what did you do to your hair - it looks fabulous. I love your new style!"


"I come to Creative Hair Design for a couple of years and 4 wigs later I love it!!!  Great staff that make you feel comfortable trying on different styles.  Thank you Creative Hair Design!"


"I highly recommend a visit to Creative Hair Design. Everyone who works there is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  Over the past six years I have purchased the human hair clip-in extensions, (secret) clip-in bangs, hair pieces and just recently purchased a wig. I receive numerous compliments, when I wear my hair pieces and wig. Everything looks so authentic that family and friends have no idea that I am wearing a hair piece or wig until I tell them.  As a busy mom of two, time is precious and these products significantly reduce the time it takes me to get ready for work or an evening out.  Creative Hair Design is awesome!"


"For most of my life, I had long, thick hair that I never gave a second thought. But about 5 years ago, I started losing my hair.  It got thinner, lost its body, and just looked bad no matter what I did. I have lupus and the doctors couldn’t tell me if the hair loss was due to disease or the treatment (years of prednisone, etc). I tried hormone replacement therapy for over a year and that didn’t work.   A dermatologist I saw told me to use men’s rogaine.  I tried that for a year with no results.  I used Nioxin products for a year without any results. I tried every shampoo, conditioner, mouse, thickening spray, etc., on the market.  I tried the powders that you sprinkle on your scalp…these are messy, expensive and didn’t stay in place.  Last fall I went to the Hair Restoration Institute.  They described a process called dermallens.  It was kind of like a permanent wig that required a lot of maintenance.  The cost was about $2000 upfront and $300 a month after that.  There was no way I could afford it and didn’t trust the process.  It was definitely a “sales” process rather than a “helping” one.  I tried extensions twice.  The first were more traditional to add length and fullness about mid-scalp.  They were noticeable and didn’t improve my hair’s appearance.  The second time I went to someone who placed extensions near the scalp.  I was thrilled with how it looked but they all fell out within 2 weeks time.  The most recent idea a stylist had was to add highlights to “trick the eye.”  It really did nothing to make my hair look differently but cost me more time and money and left me feeling more disappointed and self conscious. I was tired of spending so much time and money on my hair, only to have it look awful.  I felt self conscious about my appearance, and it affected me daily.  I didn’t feel confident.  I was constantly worried about my hair.  I looked old and tired, even though I didn’t feel that way inside.  After having lupus for years and it finally going into remission, I wanted to look as good as I felt, but there didn’t seem to be a solution.  While doing yet another internet search for a solution, I came across Creative Hair Design.  Hesitantly, but desperate, I went to their store.  I was greeted in such a caring manner.  I asked if they had any products that could help me.  They said yes, and placed a “hair piece” on my head.  I fought back tears.  It was so easy to put on and it looked so natural.  A stylist blended it with my natural hair.  I was thrilled with the quick results, and my self-esteem sky rocketed! Both stylists were so supportive, positive, and encouraging.  I left the store feeling more confident in my appearance than I had in years.  When I arrived home, my husband said “Did you get some highlights? It looks good.”  My 16 year old son said “You look like you used to look, Mom.” My 19 year old daughter told me my hair looked “thicker.”  Friends and relatives have complimented my new hair style but haven’t asked if it’s “real.” And if they suspected it, they would ask me!  I went for a walk with a friend on a windy day….and didn’t wear a hat.  My hair just looked windblown but still natural when I got home.  I’ve been wearing the hair piece for two weeks now.  I have so much more time in the morning (no more hour long styling sessions).  I’m not carrying around headbands and hats like I used to.  The constant worry of how my hair looks is gone.  I don’t think there is a better solution for thinning hair than this product.  And there are no better people to help you than the staff at Creative Hair Design.  They truly have the customers’ best interest at heart.  I am thrilled that after all these years, I finally found a solution that is realistic and affordable.  Plus I can look forward to an ongoing relationship with people that truly care and understand how hair loss can affect someone’s life."


"Creative Hair Design Staff, I cannot thank you enough for helping me find a wig that actually looks and feels fabulous! I have been looking for something that would make me feel “normal” again and after many, many bad experiences with other shops, Creative Hair Design was a Godsend! Everyone was so patient, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with.  I could never thank you enough!  God Bless & Happy Holidays."

MARCH 2012

"I wanted to thank you for providing an excellent, thoroughly enjoyable customer experience during my recent visit to your store. You were a delight - but also professional, knowledgeable, and very willing to work with me to ensure that I found just the right product.  I assure you that I'll be back to purchase wigs from Creative Hair Design in the future."



"I wanted to say "thank you" so much for taking the time to send me my second wig and hair nets.  They came so nice all packaged up.  It is great having an additional wig on hand. I appreciate your service.  Thank you again!  Enjoy your day.

P.S. I will be ordering more from you :) "

MAY 2010

"Thank you Creative Hair Design! I call it my "one stop shop".  The best human and synthetic hair pieces and wigs in the Twin Cities... I know I'm getting the best and their customer service is simply exceptional."